TECNOMA Technologies SAS

54, rue Marcel Paul
51200 - Epernay
Région :
SITE : http://www.tecnoma.com

Tecnoma is a French manufacturer of field sprayers for crop protection. Tecnoma supplies a wide range of mounted sprayers from 200 liters up to 1600 liters tank capacity (Xenis & Maxis), trailed sprayers from 2000 liters up to 6000 litres (Galaxy & Tecnis) and a range of self-propelled sprayers from 2500 liters up to 5200 litres (Laser, Fronter & Laser FC). The range of self-propelled sprayers is adapted for all requests with booms width from 21m up to 44m made of steel or aluminium, rear or front mounted boom position, with central or front cab. The spraying circuits of all our sprayers are designed to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. Sprayers are equipped with ISOBUS controllers which combine spraying, hydraulic, GPS and Auto-steering functions in a single user friendly console. Tecnoma also supplies a wide range of vineyards sprayers as well as sprayers for orchards.


Sprayer Specialist; Precicision Agriculture; Rotomoulding and Plastic injection precision moulding.