Société d’Applications Industrielles des Microprocesseurs

21, avenue de la plaine fleurie
38240 - Meylan
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Nous fabriquons les meilleurs développeurs en informatique embarquée !

Découvrez Agilia Intuitive Automation™ : La plate-forme qui accélère les développements

AIM est un constructeur Français spécialisé en Automates Industriels sur-mesure :

Nous proposons une offre « système » qui associe langages de programmation, systèmes d’exploitation, et tout un ensemble de services, qui Accélère vos développements et augmente vos possibilités commerciales grâce à la qualité de nos logiciels, marqueurs de nos solutions.


Founded in 1977, AIM’s innovative approach to embedded systems is driven by in-depth knowledge of the needs of the Semiconductor industry : - Real-time kernels, development chains and network protocols - Design expertise for developers of embedded real-time systems - Fast and efficient support and troubleshooting assistance - Class training for STM32 Arm Cortex MCUs This knowledge is gained through the company’s experiences in the fields of embedded systems, industrial electronics, Smart Buildings Automation, Oil&Gaz. Our website : Also, AIM provides DevTools, the first All-in-One Integrated Development Tool for STM32 Microcontrollers. DevTools combine µOne based on Eclipse® and Agilia Intuitive Automation™, the new graphical workshop dedicated for STM32. Its intuitive interfaces allow you to configure your hardware, manage multi-tasking operating system to create applications with Ethernet, create beautiful HMI screens and interactive embedded web pages.

Learn more about DevTools : Whether it is developing a specific product or software for the OEM market, our goal is the same: to provide our customers user-friendly, fast development tools that are easy to implement for execute high-end projects on time and within budget.