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Fabricant d'écran, calculateur, console très renforcées



IRTS, an innovative French rugged IT equipment manufacturer, has been an industrial electronics specialist for 20 years now.

IRTS is a product manufacturing company proposing an extensive COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) range of equipment including rugged displays and embedded computers for the defence, aerospace and industrial markets. These products, technologically and industrially mastered down to detailed component level, are manufactured as make-to-order or as part of agreements with long-term commitments (maintenance, repair and same production).


Mission Statement

“Global player and Europe’s leading provider of rugged computers and displays for military, aerospace and industrial markets”.

An independent, human-sized company which has proven its effectiveness, relevance and dynamic performance, IRTS is dedicated to providing its French and international customers with:

a highly-competitive, state-of-the-art range of technologically-mastered, French-manufactured displays and computers,
recognized capacity for innovation in rugged, complex and, in some cases, real-time rugged IT systems,
technical and industrial proficiency for developing, qualifying and manufacturing leading-edge, compact, best-value solutions (SWAP-C approach),
its expertise for designing and producing bespoke, customer-design products and ensuring their projects achieve success,
its industrial know-how enhanced by its subcontractor partners’ competency,
its in-depth experience, acknowledged in defence, aerospace and industrial markets,
its flexibility and agility for tailoring to their needs,
its unshakeable determination for continuous improvement,
a sustainable relationship built on trust and great precision in delivery,
the protection of their know-how.

IRTS is an ISO 9001 certified company and aims to be certified EN9100 in 2018.